Public information

Public information is information received or created in the process of implementing Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine its powers and which is in his possession. Request for public information submitted in the prescribed form
We inform you that the category of requests, falling under by the Law of Ukraine «On access to public information» does not include requests for information on obtain information archives documents.
Order of execution of such requests shall be in the accordance of the Law of Ukraine «On Citizens' Appeals» and «On the National Archival Fund and Archival Institutions»

A request from a person for information prepared in any form. In this case, must be indicated:
  1. name of requestor, mailing address or email address, and telephone number;
  2. description of the information requestor would get (type, name, details or content of the document for which a request);
  3. signature and date.
Request may be submitted:
  • by phone (044) 246-91-37;
  • in writing: 03110, Kyiv, 24 Solomianska Str. (on the envelope to indicate «Public information»);
  • fax:(044) 273-32-97;
  • e-mail: [email protected]
  • fill out a request for information